We welcome your questions! In order to find answers to the most commonly-asked questions, we are providing this handy FAQ page for your review. However, please feel free to contact us at William & Johnson Career College. We promise to get back with you as soon as possible!

Q: Why should I choose to pursue Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) Training?

A: One of the few industries in the U.S. with permanent job security is the healthcare industry.  We offer a variety of healthcare-related opportunities, such as CNA training, that can be used in:


        Hospice facilities

        Long-Term Treatment/Care Programs

        Assisted Living Communities

        Home Health Programs

        Private Care (such as In-Home) Programs

 Q: What exactly is a CNA License, and what does it do?

A: Those who have achieved licensure through our CNA Training Program are thereafter certified through the state. They can use this license all over the U.S. in most cases, and it provides a wonderful stepping stone within the healthcare industry.

Q: How many credit hours are required in order to achieve a Certificate of Completion for the CNA Program?

A: William & Johnson’s CNA Training Program requires 91 credit hours; divided as 75 Class/Lab hours and 16 Clinical hours. Most other accredited programs require the same number of hours, so we provide exceptional training with a focus on both your career and spiritual growth.

Q: Will my Tennessee State License be valid in other states later?

A: Unfortunately, our students will complete an Endorsement or Reciprocity, which means they have the choice to transfer the license to a different state. On the bright side, you will not have to retake the state examination. It will be an addition to the Tennessee State License, but you cannot apply for other states until you have received your Tennessee State CNA License in-hand. If you require provisions for this, please contact us for the necessary forms, including the state to which you plan to transfer.

Q: Do I need a high school diploma or GED in order to attend the CNA Training Program?

A:  William & Johnson does not currently require a high school diploma or GED equivalent so long as you are able to complete the Ability to Benefit Test in order to achieve admittance. At this time, you must be at least 16 years old to apply though.

In addition, if you HAVE received a diploma or GED, we will need your official transcript before you can be admitted into the CNA Training Program.

Q: Do I have to join a waiting list if the class I choose is already full, or can exceptions be made regarding the class maximum size?

A: There are strict laws regarding student/teacher ratios in the state of Tennessee, which are mandated by the Tennessee Board of Nursing Regulations. For this reason, we can’t make any exceptions to the class max if your class is already full. However, we do offer a waiting list, and you can request to be placed on it as soon as classes are open.

Make sure to register for the class in order to be placed on the current waiting list. If there are any drop-outs or students who do not meet the registration requirements, those on the waiting list are contacted before class commences.

Q: Am I permitted to use an older edition of the required textbook?

A: We offer a small amount of flexibility when it comes to the required textbook. Students may use an edition no more than one edition older than the stated required textbook. If the book is older than one edition prior, please contact us to find out if it will be acceptable.

Keep in mind that this is recommended simply because our reading assignments may have to be adjusted for those with older editions, and the newest editions will always be updated/modified so that current students can pass State Board Exams.

Q: Will I get to take a break between classes?

A: You will get a break for lunch, but it’s short. We strongly recommend that you bring a lunch with you, and there are facilities for storage and reheating/heating made available for students.

Drinks are allowed during classroom hours, unless your instructor has told you otherwise.

Q: Where are clinicals performed for the CNA Training Program?

A: In most cases, clinicals are performed at local nursing homes or other long-term care or assisted-living facilities.

Q: Will my clinical time be the same as my class schedule?

A: No. If you are enrolled in the full-time program, you will report to the clinical site at 7:30AM and will leave the facility at 2:30PM.  The part-time evening class will report to the clinical site at 4:00PM and will leave the facility at 9:00PM. The part-time weekend class will report to clinical at 7:30AM and leave the facility at 3:00PM. [1] 

Q: How do I look up authorization of William & Johnson Career College’s CNA program on the Tennessee Higher Education Commission’s website?

A: You can view our current listing on the Tennessee Higher Education Commission’s (THEC) website here.

Q: How do I find out about job placement and graduation data for William & Johnson Career College?

A: Job placement and graduation data for our institution and many others can be found on the Tennessee Higher Education Commission's website. 

Q: Is William & Johnson Career College’s CNA Training Program currently approved by the Tennessee Board of Nursing?

A: Why yes, we are!