History and Traditions

In 2006, the Leadership Team of Jesus People Church followed the heavenly vision to create the first of its kind institution for higher learning to train women for ministry because of three reasons:
  1. Realizing the extreme pulpit discrimination women faced,
  2. There was an abundance of women in ministry and
  3. There were a great number of women who wanted to be in ministry but not an abundance of schools to train women for ministry.

In 2010, the Tennessee Higher Education Commission (THEC) recognized the Daughters of Zion as one of Tennessee's institutions of Higher Learning to offer two programs – Women’s Ministry and Nursing Assistant. In 2011, due to its solid Biblical instruction and dynamic results shown by its students in the Women’s Ministry program, men began enrolling into the Daughters of Zion to enhance their ministerial potential.

In 2012, our Nursing Aide Program became a part of Tennessee Workforce Investment Program and began assisting the state to train those who were unemployed, underemployed and lacking certified training.

In 2013, based upon survey results, 95% of respondents thought the name William and Johnson would be more appealing to a larger audience as we move towards national accreditation, the Daughter's of Zion officially changed its name to William and Johnson Career College.

Expansion of Programs

From the Bernie Madoff, Enron scandals to corruption on Wall Street, our leadership team knew that the success we had in our Biblical classes needed to be transferred to other careers that would deliver high performing ethical graduates to corporate America and beyond. As we expand, so does our goal to bring Biblical based ethical leadership into corporate America. In 2014, we received approval from THEC to offer a Business Administration program that will offer next generation courses such as Online Business, Silicon Valley and Wall Street.